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All Chicken is Halal.

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Southern Fried Chicken

1 pc of Chicken£1.50

2 pc Chicken with Chips and a Drink£4.00

3 pc Chicken with Chips and a Drink£5.00

Hot Wings

1 Hot Wing50P

1 Southern Fried Wing50p

5 Hot Wings & Chips with a Drink£4.00

Battered Chicken Brest Burger

Spicy Battered Chicken filletBurger              £3.00

Battered Chicken filletBurger £3.00

Spicy Bean Burger

Spice Bean Burger£3.00

1/4 Lb Beef Burger and Cheese

1/4lb Beef Burger with Cheese


Double 1/4lb Burger Burgerwith Cheese£4.50

BBQ Chicken Drumstick

1 pc of BBQ Chicken£1.60

2 BBQ Drumstickswith Chips and a Drink£4.00

3 BBQ Drumstickswith Chips and a Drink£5.00

BBQ Wings

1 BBQ Wing50p    

5x BBQ Wings with Chips and a Drink£4.00




Chicken Nuggets

6x Chicken Nuggets£3.00

Sharing Boxes

6x Chicken Pieces6x Hot Wings with  3 Chips and 3 Cans ofDrinks£15.00

9x Chicken Pieces 9x Hot Wingswith3 Chips and 3 Cans ofDrinks£21.00

12x Chicken Pieces 12x Hot Wingswith 4 Chips and 4 Cans ofDrinks£24.00

Sides Coming Soon

BBQ Beans£1.00

Mini Corn on the Cob£1.00

Chip Shop Gravy£1.00

American Style Apple

1 Apple Pie£1.50


All Cans




Brazilian Menu

4x Brazilian Chicken Croquettes



4x Brazilian Cheese Balls

Pão de Queijomerican


Pastel de Queijo e Presunto Non Halal

4x Brazilian Ham and Cheese pastie (Non Halal)


Estrogonofe de Frango

Chicken Brest cooked in cream


Brazilian Chicken (on the bone) Stew

Galinha Caipira


Picanha with Rice

South American Picanha


Chicken Harts



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